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How It's Done: The Process

Even it depends on you to stay in Istanbul, 3 days - 2 nights accommodation will be enough to have your hair transplant operation. Please let us to share our recommended schedule with you. What you should do is just deciding the dates that you want to have the operation and to book the flight tickets for İstanbul.

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3 Days are Enough to Change

Allocate a minimum of 2 or 3 days for all the process.

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Book your tickets to Istanbul. We would be glad to guide you.

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Step by Step Process

3 days plan for our patients from abroad; Communicate with Vanity hair transplant consultants and inform them the dates that you want to visit us. Then sent them your flight tickets. And that’s it.


Flight to Istanbul

When you arrive to airport, Vanity hair agent will pick you up from the airport. Whether your flight on time or delayed, you will find him as standing and holding your name at the exit gate.

Vanity hair agent will take you to your hotel with a VIP car. You can rest in your hotel or do sightseeing around the city and try Turkish cuisine (try to not eat too much J).


Hair Transplantation

Vanity hair agent will pick you up from your hotel at the time that decided before. First you will have a face to face consultation with your doctor. You will decide the best treatment with your doctor together. Your doctor will check your hair density in the donor area(s) and determine the number of grafts needed in the selected area of transplant.

Then you will have your blood test and get your hair shave. We are performing FUE and Percutaneous methods under local anaesthesia. We will collect the grafts from donor area, then open channels in the head and lastly placed the grafts. It is safe, painless and very comfortable process. During the operation, you could watch TV or listen music.


Follow-up consultation in the morning

Vanity hair agent will pick you up from your hotel at the time that decided before for a follow-up consultation. You will have your follow-up consultation with your Doctor. After the consultation you will have your first hair wash. Our nurses will explain how to wash and take care your new hairs.

Then you may choose to fly home or you may choose to continue the sightseeing around Istanbul.


You are Back!

You will able towork and do your daily activities end of first week. End of the first month you will able to return even your daily sport activities.

That’s it!


Be one of our happy patients with over 2000 numbers.

Moreover! Vanity Aesthetic Clinic's patients are under the ISAPS assurance that only 57 surgeons in Turkey have it.
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